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Thomas + Margo I Engaged

Mar 12, 2019

Rewind about 7 years ago when I had been in business for just a year or so I met Margo’s sister Melissa through their cousin and my friend, Maisie at a small fundraiser for Melissa. At the time Melissa was battling an ongoing case of cancer and had been for years. I offered to take family pictures for Melissa and her family because I was touched by her story. I was so happy when Melissa contacted me and took me up on my offer. I instantly clicked with her, she was down to earth and such a sweet person… and that smile! Over the years I did family photos for Melissa and her husband Mike and their 2 children several times, family shoots with her sister’s family, and a large family shoot with Melissa’s entire side of the family in their home town of Forsyth, which was so much fun. Enter Melissa’s 3 sisters : Miranda(great name😂), Megan, and Margo. Margo was the sweet little sister with that same great smile that Melissa inherited. I could tell she was just as genuine as the rest of the crew and was definitely the fun aunt:). It was so fun to see the entire family together, including all of the kids, and some of my favorite images from that session were of those 4 sisters together. Fast forward to almost 2 years ago and I received news from Margo that Melissa had passed. And I just remember her being so sweet to me when she obviously was in a lot of pain at the time. I think about Melissa often and her sweet family. That’s why it was so fun to follow Margo online as I started to notice this guy in all of her social media posts. They looked so happy together and it was so nice to see Margo with that smile on her face again. I was more than happy when Margo contacted me and said she had become engaged and they wanted me to be their photographer!

Thomas + Margo’s 1st date was on New Year’s Eve 2 years ago at a Brewery. They went back to the same Brewery for their 1 year anniversary and plan to even do a few wedding pictures at their special place. So it was fitting that Thomas proposed just this last New Year’s Eve at their home. His plan was to ask her during the day and then surprise her with a small party with family to celebrate the new year and their engagement!

These two are big golfers (Margo golfed at Rocky Mountain College and Thomas played in High School) so naturally when we planned their March engagement session a couple months ago with our sights on a golf course we imaged maybe a little bit of green starting to poke through the grass and small signs of the start of spring emerging. But instead there was still about a foot and a half of untouched snow on the ground😂. They braved the snow and cold and their images are perfect. I think they reflect what genuine and joyful people they are. They had me laughing so hard I and by the end of the session my cheeks hurt. To say I am excited for their wedding is a understatement! It is going to be such a special day, and I can’t wait to be there to celebrate it with them!

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  1. Mindy

    March 12th, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    Such a beautiful story about one of my most favorite families!

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